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Action Trackchair

At A Glance

Charging time: 12amp charger 12-14 hours. 20 amp charger ($133.00 upgrade) 8-10 hours.

Power source: 2 – 12V Batteries

Manufactured: USA

Weight: 400+ lb.

Speed: 3 MPH

Cost: $12,000 – $17,000

Contact information:

(507) 532-5940



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The Action Trackchair is a battery-powered, tracked “wheelchair.” Its rugged, off-road, tank-like appearance allows people to easily visualize it when they hear the phrase “tracked wheelchair.” However, Action Trackchair isn’t the only manufacturer of all-terrain wheelchairs with tracks. Companies like TracFab and Track Master compete with their own tracked chairs.

Action Trackchair was launched in 2008 when Tim Swenson decided to build an off-road wheelchair for his paraplegic son. Over 10 years later, the company has five different models on the market, and each one can be customized with a slew of different accessories.

In the world of tracked mobility devices, Action Trackchair looks to be the most mature company with a good dealer network and sales representatives nationwide.

There are many different accessories for the Action Trackchair, they come at a price, but some will be hard to live without. There are practical items such as upgraded battery chargers $133, utility racks $167, and 4 point harnesses $167. And creature comforts like the cup holder $67, contoured seating upgrade $130, and even an umbrella holder $67. These are just a few of what seem like an endless amount of options to improve and customize the Action Trackchair.

Certain all-terrain wheelchairs with tracks give the buyer an option of track style. Type II tracks are less aggressive and provide a better ride on hard surfaces. If you plan to use your Action Trackchair around the city or push snow off your driveway type II tracks are a good choice.

Type I tracks are designed to perform better off-road in terrains like snow and mud. They have the look of an off-road knobby tire. The trade-off is that these more aggressive tracks give a bouncy ride on hard surfaces.

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Independence – Gives a wheelchair user independence to drive off-road.

Customize – Many options allow the user to customize their ride to fit the activities they want to do.

Standing – Some models allow the user to be in a standing position. I was at an activity recently where a man used a standing model and said, “This is the first time I’ve been able to stand in 5 years.” It was a very special moment.


Heavy – Depending on the model the Action Trackchair can weigh between 400 – 490 pounds.

Expensive – Depending on the model price varies from $11,785 – $18,335

Ground Clearance – Choose your trail carefully because you only have 3” of ground clearance.

Who it’s for:

People with a disability that allows them to use their hands to operate the controls.

People who have a truck or trailer to transport it to the location they want to explore.

People who love outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, and hiking will be able to get the most out of an investment such as the Action Trackchair.

The Competition

TracFab TrackFab also manufactures tracked wheelchairs. They have a gas-powered version to help with range anxiety.

Overland 4ZS TerrianHopper manufactures an electric wheelchair that looks similar to an ATV.

ST (Base Model)NT (Narrow Model)TR (Standing Model)NR (Narrow Standing Model)STS (Suspension Model)
Height – 43″Height – 47.5″”Height – 43 or 63″Height – 46, 59″Height – 43″
Length – 52.5″Length – 47.5″”Length – 49″Length – 48″Length – 52.5″
Weight – 400 lbsWeight – 440 lbsWeight – 490 lbsWeight – 450 lbsWeight – 450 lbs
Seat Width – 18″, 20″, 22″, 24″Seat Width – 14″, 16″, 18″, 20″, 22″Seat Width – 18″, 20″Seat Width – 14″ – 22″ AdjustableSeat Width – 23″
Total Width – 37″, 39″, 41″, 43″Total Width – 29.5Total Width – 37″, 39″Total Width – 29.5Total Width – 39
Seat Height – 23″Seat Height – 26.5″Seat Height – 24″Seat Height – 26″Seat Height – 23″
Ground Clearance – 3.5″Ground Clearance – 3.5″Ground Clearance – 3.5″Ground Clearance – 3.5″Ground Clearance – 3.5″
Speed – 3 MPHSpeed – 3 MPHSpeed – 3 MPHSpeed – 3 MPHSpeed – 3 MPH
Range – 10 milesRange – 10 milesRange – 10 milesRange – 10 milesRange – 10 miles
Weight Limit – 400 lbs.Weight Limit – 400 lbsWeight Limit – 175 lbs


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