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Are Sam and Ryan Brothers?

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Are You Guys Brothers?

"Is that your brother?"

along with "Are you Sam's dad?" are the number 1 questions we are asked on social media.

Responding to these questions every time they are asked really could be a full-time job. That's great because it means we always have new people joining our adventures and watching the show.

We often don't reply to these questions because if you watch enough of our older videos you will discover the answer for yourself.

Sometimes we give sarcastic answers like,

"We're sisters, I'm Sam's uncle, and Ryan is my niece."

Are You Guys Brothers?

Do You Want the Truth?

Sam and I are old friends. How old is hard to say. Our parents attended the same church when they were just starting their married lives.

Sam has an older brother named Nick who is my age. Somewhere there is an old picture of Nick and me in diapers because Sam's mother was babysitting me.

Nick and I always knew each other and became very good friends during our senior year of high school. We often brought Sam along on our adventures because we didn't want him to feel left out.

I have always enjoyed spending time with Sam because he laughs very hard at my dumb jokes.

Enter Extreme Motus

Sam and I haven't always been this close. At times my life has taken me far away from the small town where I grew up and where Sam still lives.

When my wife was pregnant with our son we were trying to settle on a name she asked, "What about Sam?"

I really liked the idea. If my son could be as happy and optimistic about life as my friend Sam that would be great.

When I did eventually settle down in the area my wife would occasionally say, "You should go hang out with Sam."

But as many of you know maintaining friendships when you have a family and career can be difficult.

I have been creating content since the early days of YouTube on a channel called HalfThrottle.

One day I was looking for freelance work on a website called Upwork and I found a post from a company called Extreme Motus. When I saw their off-road wheelchair I knew it would be perfect for Sam.

Together we made this video:

Not long after that, Extreme Motus asked me to work for them full-time. Sam and I now get to hang out almost every day going on adventures and getting into trouble.

Do you remember the time in your life, maybe you were around 12 or 13 years old when a friend would call and ask, "Can you play today?" Well, I'm 43 and it happens to me every day at 9 am when Sam calls to ask if we are going on an adventure. It's a very nice way to start my morning.

I feel so lucky to have a friend like Sam who calls every day to ask if I want to play.

If you are interested in purchasing an Extreme Motus off-road wheelchair like Sam check out our online store.

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