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The Emma X3 All Terrain Wheelchair

At A Glance

Weight: 50 pounds

Cost: $4,050

Self-propelled: No

Manufactured: USA

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78 E 100 S Ste A, Payson, UT 84651


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The Emma X3 is a manual, off-road wheelchair. Its long wheelbase gives stability over bumps and allows it to climb 3 stairs at a time. With the center of gravity over the rear axle the chair is easily balanced on the rear wheels to make turns or descend hills in a controlled manner with independent rear brakes. With the rider's weight over the rear wheels, the brakes are very effective especially in places with sandstone that the tires grip so well on.

Large wheels inflated between 2-4 psi act as suspension for the rider, and allow the chair to be pushed over grass, sand, rocks, mud, snow, and even float in water.

Emma X3 The Best Hiking Wheelchair

The seat is angled slightly backwards. This places the rider in a reclined position so they don’t fall forward when going downhill or if the person pushing stops too quickly. A common problem with other beach or off-road wheelchairs.

The ergonomics and lightweight of this all-terrain wheelchair make it very easy to push. Here at Extreme Motus we have taken the Emma X3 on some incredible adventures. We often set out not quite sure if we can make it to our destination. We have proven to ourselves over and over again that with this wheelchair we can make it over and through some of the most difficult terrain Utah has to offer.

The Emma X3 is the best hiking wheelchair on the market today, but it can also hold its own at the beach. With its large balloon-type tires it can cruise over the sand with ease and also float in water.

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Beach Wheelchair

The X3 does float and it’s very easy to balance in calm water. But it’s also top heavy and if the person who is pushing the chair lets go of the handlebars it will tip over in the water. We caution all of our customers to only explore in shallow water where the operator can stay firmly planted on the ground, use life jackets, and unbuckle the passenger's seat belt.

If you’re looking to spend most of your time floating in the water the Mobi-chair’s main purpose is to float in the water, and that might be a better solution to your needs.

At the end of your adventure, the Emma X3 can be folded in half in seconds by removing 2 pins holding the frame together. The rear wheels are also quickly removed with pins, and at 50 pounds can easily be lifted into the back of a truck or van. The chair is 32 inches wide and can be wheeled through the standard 33-inch exterior door.

Having access to the outdoors doesn’t just benefit the passenger. Mom’s and Dad’s, brothers and sisters, friends and caretakers can now all go together to a large percentage of planet Earth that was off limits to them before.

With the Emma X3 all-terrain wheelchair from Extreme Motus nature is now wheelchair accessible.

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Solid Frame – Machined from solid bars of aluminium the Emma X3 is super strong and lightweight.

Options Are Standard – Each X3 comes standard with a large waterproof bag attached to the back of the seat. A small storage bag on the handlebars, and 2 water bottles.

Disk Brakes – Independent rear brakes give the X3 amazing stopping power when hiking on the trail.


Independence – The X3 requires someone to push the rider in the chair. This is a dealbreaker for some wheelchair users.

Steering – The front wheel of the X3 is fixed. This means the front wheel must be lifted in the air to execute turns.

Storage – While the X3 quickly folds in half and rear wheels can be removed for storage, other all-terrain wheelchairs in this space break down into smaller pieces for storage/transport.

Who it’s for:

People with a disability that affects the strength in their arms and hands such as some cerebral palsy cases, late-stage ALS patients, and senior citizens are good candidates for this chair.

Families with a child in a wheelchair can open a whole new world to themselves with the ability to explore unpaved areas.

The Competition

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