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Grit Freedom Chair

At A Glance

Weight: 45 pounds

Cost: $2,995 – $5,495

Self-propelled: yes

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Grit 10 Cabot Road Suite 103

Medford, MA 02155


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The Grit Freedom wheelchair was engineered at MIT. Rather than placing your hands on the wheels of the chair and pushing the operator uses levers that attach to a chain drive to propel themselves. Not only does this method of propulsion keep your hands clean during off-road adventures it’s also a better way to push.

These levers are about twice as efficient as pushing directly on the wheels allowing you to conquer more difficult terrain and travel farther without becoming tired. Depending on where you grip the levers you can maximize your effort for torque or high speed. Grip them up high for hill climbing torque or down low for higher speeds.

Riders can steer the Grit Freedom wheelchair by pushing harder on one drive train than the other. Pushing hard on the right lever will steer you left.

If you need to turn sharp to the left pulling back on the left lever to give some friction to the left wheel while continuing to push on the right lever will allow you to make a quick left turn.

Grit is manufactured from easy-to-find bicycle parts, if your chair ever breaks down or needs a replacement doohickey your local bike shop should be able to help you get back on the road.

The Grit Freedom Wheelchair can also be disassembled in less than one minute and fit into the trunk of a small car.

GRIT comes in 3 different flavors. 3.0, Spartan, and Pro. All 3 levels have the same basic design. See the chart below for the differences in each chair.

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Cost – GRIT is less expensive than it’s direct competitors.

Independence – If you want to explore dirt roads and don’t want to be pushed by someone else this could be the right chair for you.

Storage – Can quickly be disassembled for storage or transportation.


Stability – According to some reviewers Grit Freedom Chair can be unstable at high speeds or over large bumps.

Strength – You need to have good upper body strength, and core strength to operate this chair.

Suspension – Lack of suspension will make for a bumpy ride.

Freedom Chair 3.0 (Base Model)Spartan (Push Assist Model)Pro (High Performance)
Great on trails (and other terrain)Great on trails (and other terrain)Spinergy wheels, with spokes that are three times in strength and half the weight of steel spokes
Fits in the trunk of a small carFits in the trunk of a small carSchwalbe touring tires for extra durability, optimized traction, braking, and puncture protection
Uses standard mountain bike partsUses standard mountain bike partsAdjustable and comfortable quick-release seatback
Propel yourself with both armsPropel yourself with both armsUpgraded drivetrain that improves performance and optimizes top speed
Can be operated independentlyCan be operated independentlyLightweight, stronger, and tubular fork designed to handle obstacles
Compatible with all GRIT accessoriesCompatible with all GRIT accessoriesLever wraps matched to the spoke color of your choice
Reinforced frame and fork for extreme terrain
Includes rear push handles


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