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Manufacturing an Off-Road, Beach Wheelchair

Ryan Grassley

Jan 07, 2020


Extreme Motus manufactures a wheelchair that is tough enough to roll over rocks, mud, gravel, sand, and even float in water. There are other outdoor or beach wheelchairs on the market but not many can take a beating the way the Emma X3 can.

Manufacturing an off road wheelchair from aluminum takes some special equipment. Learn how Extreme Motus makes it happen here.

Table of Contents

Raw Materials

Each of our chairs begins life as a bar of aluminium. These bars are cut to length with a band saw so they will fit into the CNC Mill.

CNC Mill

The mill runs a series of programs that cuts the raw material into parts that make up the frame of the chair.

The pattern that is cut into the bars that allow the user to hook bungie cords to their chair or tie pull ropes to so people can pull from the front.

Cutting holes in the lightweight aluminum makes it weigh even less. The Emma X3 weighs just 49 pounds. The pattern also just looks really cool.

Make it Pretty

Most of our chairs are anodized, and we do our best to have blue and red in stock at all times. But we have the ability to choose between powder coating, or anodizing pretty much any color under the sun.

If you want something flashy you could even choose a chrome or nickel coating that would look awesome.

Racing Seat

Like the frame the chair we use is made from aluminium. It’s an off the shelf part normally used in racing cars. This chair is bolted to the frame and the handlebar and brakes are attached to the back of the chair.

Depending on the needs of the rider these racing seats can be ordered in different sizes.

The Wheels

The large grey tires on our wheelchairs can be inflated between 2 and 4 psi. This allows them to roll over just about anything while also acting as suspension for the rider.

As an added bonus the large wheels make the chair buoyant so that the rider can float in the water.

They may look like they were stolen from a NASA lunar lander vehicle, but they are actually shipped to us from California by a company called Wheelezz.


When the frame, seat, and wheels are ready they are mounted in a jig for the assembly process. Dale our mechanic carefully assembles each chair at our shop in Orem, UT.

Manufacturing Award

In October of 2019 Extreme Motus received the Power Manufacturing Award from Powerblanket. This award is given to companies who demonstrate excellence in manufacturing, culture and practices.

Stop by for a visit

If you would like to see our manufacturing process in person we would be happy to give you a tour. Give me a call, text, or send an email.

Ryan Grassley 801-683-9191 ryan@extrememotus.com

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Extreme Motus manufactures all terrain wheelchairs. The Emma X3 is capable of traveling through grass, gravel, rocks, mud, snow, and even floats in the water. Nature is wheelchair accessible. We believe the benefits of spending time outdoors are important for everyone. Our all terrain wheelchair can take you places you never thought possible.

Contact Details

Office Hours

  • Monday - Friday

    9:00 AM - 5:30 PM MST

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