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Crowdfunding An Offroad Wheelchair

How To Crowdfund An Emma X3

In this article you will learn:

  1. How to start a gofundme account.
  2. Tips and best practices for photos and videos.
  3. How to give your fundraizer the maximum chance for sucess.
Offroad Wheelchair
Offroad Wheelchair

Need Help?

many Extreme Motus customers have found success purchasing their Emma X3 all terrain wheelchair with the help of crowdfunding site.

Friends and family members want their loved ones to get the most out of life, and when they see the possibilities this Emma X3 all terrain wheelchair is going to open for you many of them will be happy to give their support.

Offroad Wheelchair

Where Do I Start?

The First thing you will need to crowdfund an Emma X3 all terrain wheelchair is to open an account at GoFundMe.com

This is super easy and if you use your facebook account you will be finished with just a few clicks. Follow the link below to get started.

Click here
Offroad Wheelchair

How Much Do I Need?

After you have started a new fundraiser things really begin to take shape. On this screen you will need to enter the amount you are trying to raise. plus $.30 per donation.

If you are trying raise the total amount for a chair you will need to raise a little more than the cost of the chair. The cost of an Emma X3 all terrain wheelchair is $4049.00

Once you have filled in all the fields you will be asked to add some photos and videos to your campaign. Chances are you already have plenty of photos uploaded to facebook so go grab a couple and pop them in.

Offroad Wheelchair

Make It Pop.

Make your profile stand out. Next you will choose a cover photo or YouTube video for yoru campign. This is the first image people will see when they arrive at your campaign so be sure to choose a good one.

Offroad Wheelchair

Tell Your Story

Now it’s time to tell your story. In a few paragraphs you shold:

Explain how the Emma X3 all terrain wheelchair will benefit you.

Explain how the funds will be used to cover cost and shipping of the Emma X3 all terrain wheelchair

Explain how soon you need the funds. Maybe you have a trip planned and hope to take the Emma X3 all terrain wheelchair along for the adventure.

Explain how much peoples support will mean to you.

Explain how grateful you will be for everyons help.

Offroad Wheelchair

Make It Shine

In this section you can also add photos and video. Your video will allow you to explain to everyone who visits your page why you need this chair, how it will change/improve your life, and the life of your friends and family who will now be able to go on trips with you that weren’t possible before.

Adding a video to your gofundme is super important, and if you have a smart phone you have everything you need to create one.

Hit the button below and get tips straight from GoFundMe.com

Click here
Offroad Wheelchair

Tell Your Story

Extreme Motus has some great videos and photos you are free to use to show waht the Emma X3 all terrain wheelchair can do as well. Download photos from our facebook page and click the button below to visit our YouTube chanel.

Click here
Offroad Wheelchair

3. 2. 1. Launch

Don’t stress out. You’ve probably never crowdrunded an all terrain wheelchair before. Dont let it stress you out. Just take things one step at a time and soon you will see what an easy process it is.

Let us help. As soon as your campaign has started, send an email to ryan@extrememotus.com not only will I be your first donor, I’ll also share your fundraiser with all of our social media outlets to help raise awareness about what you are doing. Thank you.


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