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Off Road Wheelchairs

Off Road Wheelchairs

When you’re looking for an outdoor wheelchair, it’s wise to consider multiple factors in identifying the product best suited to your needs. Mobility devices designed for outdoor purposes range from electric scooters all the way to tracked rugged terrain wheelchairs. Below we’ve compiled a list of characteristics to keep in mind when you’re buying an off-road wheelchair.

Offroad Wheelchair


Off road wheelchairs for outdoor use are extremely convenient, and the average price of one reflects this. The typical powered off road wheelchair will cost you anywhere from $12,000 to $22,000, with most high-quality features available at the higher end of this range.

Manual off road wheelchairs are much less expensive.

Range of Use .

Many off-road wheelchairs are battery-powered, so they often have limited range or battery life. Most electric models can carry the user anywhere from eight to 12 miles when the battery is fully charged. Even so, it’s worth looking into different kinds so that you can compare different models’ features against each other. If you or your loved one primarily spend time around the beach, you may not need features that are typically designed for the forest or for rocky, mountainous areas.

Offroad Wheelchair

Hand- or Mouth-Operated Controls

Another aspect to be mindful of with wheelchairs for outdoor use is whether you or your loved one will need hand- or mouth-operated controls. Some individuals are unable to use their hands, and outdoor wheelchair manufacturers are largely mindful of this. Companies in this industry are heavily invested in customer satisfaction, but it never hurts to request additional information relevant to your specific needs. If the company doesn’t offer standard models with a particular feature you need but can easily add a new component, it’s worth asking them about.


The size of a wheelchair for outdoor use may not be the first thought on your mind, but it’s more important than many first-time buyers know. How easily you can get a motorized wheelchair to its destination depends on your transportation, the weight and size of the wheelchair, the destination’s terrain, and any obstacles to your outdoor activity. For example, if your destination has a gated entrance or other passageway, it’s helpful to call ahead and make sure the outdoor wheelchair isn’t too big. You can read our all-terrain electric wheelchair reviews here and our manual wheelchair reviews here.

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If you would like to learn more about off road wheelchairs be sure to dive into the reviews and articles we have published in the “All Terrain Wheelchair Research Center.” Learn more about our own outdoor wheelchair, the Emma X3, here. Our wheelchair is the most flexible, durable, and affordable off road wheelchair on the market today. If you have any questions, please contact us—we’ll be happy to speak with you!


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