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Who is Extreme Motus

Extreme Motus is a small team and dedicated team of people working hard to make it possible for people of all ability levels to enjoy nature. The most beautiful parts of our country don’t have sidewalks, they have trails. In order to see these amazing places you need a durable, lightweight, all-terrain wheelchair and that is exactly what we manufacture.

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The Extreme Motus All Terrain Wheelchair

The X3’s folding frame, fat tires, and comfy ride the X3 all-terrain wheelchair is the perfect wheelchair to explore areas that were once inaccessible. Families can plan vacations to outdoor spaces and not worry about accessibility features like sidewalks and ramps.


For Outdoors

Disabilities like Cerebral Palsy, late-stage ALS, Traumatic Brain Injuries, and more can leave wheelchair users spending too much time indoors. Too much time indoors can easily lead to depression. We know that spending time in nature can make everyone happier and healthier.

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All Terrain

All-Terrain Traversal

The Extreme Motus X3 is a manual all-terrain wheelchair. It’s powered by blubber and can go anywhere you are determined enough to push it. For more difficult adventures we suggest recruiting a team of helpers. For casual walks along the beach or a winding river trail, one person will be able to easily push the chair and its passenger.

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Lightweight Frame

The X3 has a durable lightweight aluminum frame. Strong enough to bounce over and through the most challenging trails but light enough to be used for a 5k road race. No one has spent more time pushing the X3 all-terrain wheelchair than our team at Extreme Motus. We have slogged through mud completing a Dirty Dash 5k, hiked in National Parks, and snowshoed across the frozen tundra to hang out at the National Ability Center Yurt.

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Sam & Ryan

Sam & Ryan have been sharing their adventures in the Extreme Motus All Terrian Wheelchair since 2019. From National Parks to State Parks to Skateparks they have been showing the world that nature is wheelchair accessible. 

Ryan’s number one goal every time he works with Sam is to keep him laughing, which is easy because Sam laughs at almost everything. If you’re having a bad day hanging out with Sam physically or virtually will cheer you up every time.

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Sam & Ryan are high school friends who have used their interabled friendship to give the world a new definition of inclusion. With their all-terrain wheelchair they have created hundreds of videos showing that you can enjoy all that nature has to offer no matter how severe your disability is with a good friend and the right piece of equipment. 

Ryan and Sam in the park
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Ready to make your own accessible adventures?

Head over to our store and begin the order process. Have questions about the X3 all terrain wheelchair? Contact Ryan and he will be happy to answer your questions.

Looking for more inspiration?

Check out the Adventures of Sam & Ryan in our blog. 

Ryan and Sam at the river
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Extreme Motus manufactures all terrain wheelchairs. The Emma X3 is capable of traveling through grass, gravel, rocks, mud, snow, and even floats in the water. Nature is wheelchair accessible. We believe the benefits of spending time outdoors are important for everyone. Our all terrain wheelchair can take you places you never thought possible.

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