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Unboxing The EMMA X3

The Extreme Motus Emma X3 all terrain wheelchair ships fully assembled in a large box and it’s ready for adventure as soon as it arrives. When you are unboxing your X3 there are a few things you can do to make it ready for longer adventures, and more comfortable for the person pushing, and the person riding in the chair.

The easiest way to get your new X3 out of the box is to lay the box down on its side with the wheelchair on its back. This way you can grab the handlebars and roll it straight out of the box.

Once out of the box you can fold the front wheel down, insert the pins to hold in place and it will be ready for it’s first test ride.


The EMMA X3 Ergonomics

As the front wheel of the chair swings into place you will notice 2 different holes in the frame of the chair. This gives you the option to have the seat more reclined or slightly less reclined. Some people may be more comfortable in one position over the other, so be sure and play with this to find out which is best for you.

The EMMA X3 Ergonomics

More reclined, and more of an angle on the foot rest.

The EMMA X3 Ergonomics

More upright seat position, and footrest is flatter leaving the seat are.


Customer Reviews

WOW such a cool product!! The wheelchair is incredible, and there definitely is a need for this type of wheelchair. I think it is going to open up a lot of people’s worlds. I was just imagining using it, and it got me really excited to think of all of the things I can do with it.


We have gotten used to avoiding outdoor activities as a family because of access issues. The Extreme Motus chair took Tyler up trails that would be impossible in an ordinary wheelchair. Our family got to enjoy the hike and not one time did any of us worry about Tyler tipping over or getting bounced around too much. Getting to enjoy that hike as a family was priceless, thank you.

-Joe Barton

The very first thing I noticed was how smooth the ride was, even after going through some pretty rough terrain… all I could think of was the beach at Bear Lake where my family and I spend a lot of time.

-Rhett Nichols


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