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Introducing Extreme Motus'

Emma X3

The Emma X3 all-terrain wheelchair is light, comfortable, and compact, it glides over sand, rocks, grass, and gravel and it floats in water. Don’t believe us keep scrolling.

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Meet the Emma X3

The X3 is an aluminum, all-terrain, lightweight wheelchair that rolls on three large, low-pressure tires. These tires act as suspension for the rider and allow the chair to be easily pushed over dirt, gravel, rocks, grass, snow mud, and water.

The tires are filled with enough air to make the chair buoyant. Wheelchair users can be pushed straight into a pool or lake and play right along with everyone else.

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Do I have room for the Emma X3 all-terrain wheelchair?

It can be difficult to judge how large the Emma X3 all-terrain wheelchair is from the photos and videos we post. We like to throw around names like, “The monster truck of wheelchairs” or “Lunar Lander” because it does look giant.

When the Emma X3 all-terrain wheelchair is in use, it’s about 6′ long and 32″ wide. This is a lot of space when the wheelchair is assembled, but our product is easily collapsible, making for simple storage.

This means it’s easy to transport and won’t take up much room in your garage when not in use.

How heavy is the Emma X3 all-terrain wheelchair?

The frame and seat of our all-terrain lightweight wheelchair are built from aluminum. We chose this adaptable and corrosion-resistant metal so that we could keep the total weight of the chair under 50 pounds.

Each of our wheelchairs weighs only 49 pounds. Comfortably living in the, “not too heavy but awkward” category it can be easily lifted by two people and loaded into a van or truck. Once you experience our off-road aluminum wheelchair, you’ll know why it’s quickly become a hit for all kinds of uses!

The easiest way to load the X3 is to just drive right into the back of a truck by placing the front wheel on the tailgate and lifting it into the bed.

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How much does the Emma X3 all-terrain wheelchair cost?

The cost of each wheelchair is $4399.99.

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What if I’m not extreme?

You don’t need to live a rock n’ roll lifestyle to enjoy our high-strength, lightweight wheelchair. many of our videos show us participating in extreme events because they make the best videos.

The next time you struggle to push your loved one across grassy fields, down sidewalks, or over curbs, with them feeling every jarring bump, remember there is a better way.

What size Emma X3 all-terrain wheelchair do I need?

The only difference between sizes is the width of the chair. The length of each wheelchair is the same.

For reference, Sam – who stars in most of the Extreme Motus videos – uses a medium-sized chair. Sam is about 5′ 1″ and weighs 90 pounds.

Small – 14.5″ Carries up to – 120 lb.

Medium – 16.5″ Carries 120 – 200 lb.

Large – 18.5″ Carries 200 – 300 lb.

How long will it take to receive my Emma X3 all-terrain Wheelchair?

We do our best to have wheelchairs in stock and ready to ship when an order comes through. In most cases, we’re able to quickly box up your fully assembled chair and put it on the truck within two days.

Depending on how many orders we have, it may take a week or two to manufacture your chair and get it in the mail. We will contact you if the wait time is more than two weeks to give you a better idea of when you will receive your chair.

What is it like to unbox an Emma X3?

Unboxing the Emma X3 off-road wheelchair is as simple as laying the box on its back and rolling your fully assembled chair out of the box. Within minutes of receiving your new wheelchair, you will be ready for adventure. Extreme Motus also includes a few luggage bags and spare parts you will need to install on your chair to be ready for a proper adventure.

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Extreme Motus manufactures all terrain wheelchairs. The Emma X3 is capable of traveling through grass, gravel, rocks, mud, snow, and even floats in the water. Nature is wheelchair accessible. We believe the benefits of spending time outdoors are important for everyone. Our all terrain wheelchair can take you places you never thought possible.

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