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Ryan Grassley

Apr 13, 2022


Lower Calf Creek Falls

Hiking to Lower Calf Creek Falls was our most difficult adventure to date for a few reasons.

1. We didn’t have as large of a team of helpers as previous long hikes like Delicate Arch.

2. Unlike other adventures when hikers volunteered to help that didn’t really happen.

3. I’m in the worst shape of my life.

Nevertheless our small team of friends and family grit our teeth and made our way over rocks and sand to a waterfall oasis in the desert.

The Team

All of the heavy lifting was done by myself, and Sam’s parents Roger and Christine. I was often pushing while they were pulling via the straps on the front.
The X3 can roll over nearly anything but occasionally an obstacle pops up that is same length as the wheelbase of the chair. When you are pushing from the handlebars and the front wheel is hitting a large rock you kinda get stuck and need someone to lift or pull the front wheel up and over the obstacle.

The Trail

The trail to Lower Calf Creek Falls is a 6.7 mile out and back adventure. You will slowly gain 866 feet of elevation on your way to the waterfall.

If you’re walking this trail is great. If you’re pushing an off-road wheelchair with a width of 35 inches it’s going to be a battle. Moving the chair around over and through these rocky sections was exhausting and I was shattered by the end of the hike.

It doesn’t help that the most exercise I get in a day is when I let loose with a violent sneeze.

I’m fat strong and used my weight as leverage to get Sam up the trail.

Other sections of the trail are sand and those were great! The X3 rolls over the sand like it’s on pavement. Sam’s 9 year old niece Avery often volunteered to push in the sandy sections.

I Don't Get Tired

Near the end of this hike I was so tired I found myself falling asleep almost instantly whenever we stopped to take a break. Even though I was still standing up.

I recalled a Tiktok video from motivational speaker Jesse Itzler using a trick to make himself feel better while on a 100 mile run. And attempted to use this power of persuasion on myself and Roger. It sort of helped… I think.

Jesse Iztler – I don’t get tired!

We Survived Calf Creek Falls

Hiking Lower Calf Creek Falls was very difficult for our small group. If you are thinking about taking an Extreme Motus off-road wheelchair there you need to take an honest look at your level of fitness,take lots of helpers, start slow and then go even slower.

You may need to summon The Power of Greyskull, but if you are determined enough you can do it.

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